One-to-Two IELTS preparation course

This IELTS preparation course is designed for students or two people who have similar level and needs and wish to study together.

Our IELTS Intensive one-to-two is a highly intensive one-to-two IELTS weekday course (can also be spread out over several weeks or months), with 10/15/20 lessons per course Monday to Friday; if you would like to extend your study week to include Saturdays as well, please call our direct line. Your course programme is focused on exactly what you need: you can cover all sections of the IELTS examinations, or you can focus on one or two skills such as writing and speaking. The courses are tailor-made to address your needs. It’s a one-to-two course so you’ll always get the highest personal attention and best advice.

  • One-to-two lessons: Maximum personal attention for two participants
  • Intensive full-time courses 10, 15, or 20 lessons per course: Each lesson is 120 minutes
  • Flexible weeks: We will recommend the best course for you based on your English level and exam date
  • Flexible conditions

Are you interested in our course? Then get in touch with us, our team will be happy to help you.

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